Lesson 5-The Rules of Meem Saakin

There are two rules related to Meem Saakin. Meem saakin means that Meem which has a sukoon/jazm on it.

1. Ikhfa. Whenever there is a meem saakin followed by a Baa, ikhfa will be done. The sound of the meem will not be completely pronounced, and the sound will be lengthened. Example:


وَمَا هُم بِمُؤْمِنِينَ

2. Izhar. If there is ANY other letter other than Meem, the meem will be pronounced completely, and the sound will NOT be lengthened. Example:


وَلَهُمْ عَذَابٌ عظِيمٌ

Listen to the soundbyte for more details!



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10 Responses to “Lesson 5-The Rules of Meem Saakin”

  1. alifareeda Says:

    as wr wb: u didn’t mention another rule for meem sakin, which is idgham shawafi. In this when meem sakin is followed by another meem then it is idgham shafawi. here the assimilation of meem occurs on second meem and gunnah sound takes place with a measure of two harakah.

    • Imam Zia Says:

      Jazakallah khair akhi.

      I keep it simple as possible, and base the ghunna upon the “whenever you see a shaddah/tashdeed on the meem or noon, make ghunnah”. Although you are correct.


      • alifareeda Says:

        as wr wb: so brother i think u are telling that when meem sakin joins to another meem for idgham so the meem with Harakah is always with shaddah so u think it is not necessary to worry about to remember that rule anyway that rule automatic i mean as such applies whenever meem mushaddad comes before meem sakin. Thats good it is another idea to remember but for tajweed learning students they have to name the rule that was the reason i post it so that it might be helpful to other tajweed learning students when u make it clear.
        Jazakallhu brother for making it clear Alhamdulillah…….

  2. kjjgi Says:

    hi ilike how you make learning tajweed easy

    But can at least also talk about idgam and idhar and iglab and other stuff instead of just tajweed beacause i really need help

  3. How to Properly Recite the Quran « The Muslim Voice -Ramadan Mubarak!- Says:

    […] The Rules of Meem Saakin […]

  4. Usman Says:


    First of all this is a great website, may Allah reward you.

    But I just wanted to point out a typing error in the third paragraph. You have written:
    2. Izhar. If there is ANY other letter other than Meem…
    which should be other than Baa

  5. zaynab Says:


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